Our Products

We are specialized in the business of providing all standard and non-standard electrical items required for the industrial & commercial industry.

  • Wire and cable wiring 450ll50 v and 500V.
  • Special electrical wires.
  • Low voltage cables 1 KV copper and aluminum, PVC and XLPE insulated, armored, non-armored, and lead sheathed.
  • Medium and high voltage cables up to 240KV Aluminium and Copper and XLPE insulated, armored, non-armored, and lead sheathed.
  • Control cables XLPE and PVC insulated, shielded and non-shielded, armored, non-armored, and lead sheathed.
  • Overhead line conductors and aerial cable: copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy, plain and AW, steel wire reinforced for all voltages up to 500KV (bare conductors).
  • Telephone cables.
  • Jelly-filled telecommunication cables.
  • Optic fiber cables.
  • Copper rods and PVC granules for cable insulation and sheath.

Wiring Accessories

DB, Panel Board, Breakers

Cable Glands & Accessories

Copper Lugs & Ferrules

Conduit Fittings

Lightning Protection System & Earthing Accessories

PVC Cables

Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Cable Trays

Trunking Systems



Metal Halide Lamps